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Since 1993, we have been active in the trade and service of medical devices, equipping hospitals with devices and providing our services with responsibility in restoring the proper functioning of corresponding devices.

What does NIVAMED do?

We are active in the trade and service of medical equipment

Our effort is to maintain the high quality of our products and services, but also to add new ones that will successfully cover the ever-growing need of our Hospitals.

Nivamed Services

Diagnostic equipment

Cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that healthcare institutions have access to the most innovative and reliable diagnostic tools available in the market.

Clinic equipment

Our commitment to equipping clinics and healthcare institutions with the latest and most efficient tools has remained unwavering. Our comprehensive range of products guarantees a seamless and comfortable patient experience.

Medical Equipment Repairs

We take pride in our proficiency in medical equipment repairs. We understand the critical importance of keeping healthcare facilities operational and ensuring the proper functioning of essential devices.

Medical Equipment Service?

Medical equipment maintenance and repair services, Nivamed can serve you anywhere  in Greece.

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Our customers' feedback

Customer service is excellent. The staff of the company is very kind, helpful and willing to respond to any question or need we have.
Spyros P.
The service provided by the company for any device is reliable and fast. We have trusted them for the maintenance and repair of our medical devices and they have never let us down.
Petros T.
High quality products and services that contribute to the best quality of health care in our hospital. We confidently recommend this company to other medical centers and hospitals.
Anastasia M.

Our work

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